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Launch a Trengo AI chatbot in minutes!

Create and attach a custom AI chatbot to the Trengo widget on your website and let it handle customer support queries for you.

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80% of chatbots fail because Trengo is not integrated

Separate widgets, external data sources, no proper follow up, no CRM integrations, no human handover, โ€ฆ So many things that lead to a bad customer experience.


Way to many widgets


Hard to follow-up


Many lost opportunities

All you need to quickly launch
your AI chatbot

  • Your chatbot is connected to Trengo and lives completely in your website widget. Your customers will never know they are talking to a chatbot or a human!
  • Airobi is fully integrated in Trengo and can be access via the sidebar. Directly experience the benefits while handling tickets!
  • Reuse your well-crafted knowledge base articles to let the chatbot learn from. Quality above quantity is the adagio when it comes to good chatbots. Link with Trengo or upload manually.
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  • You can simply watch live each chatbot interaction or take over any chat conversation seamlessly. Let the chatbot handle the initial chitchat, while you can focus on the real work.
  • You can use rules in Trengo to let your chatbot take over after hours or during weekends so you can still give your customers that awesome experience they deserve!
  • Test the chatbot before going live. We provide you with generated chats, based on your data, to auto-test your chatbot until it's perfect! Save your own test to rapidly re-check when making changes.
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Launch your AI chatbot in minutes โ€” integrated with Trengo

AI Chatbot ๐Ÿค–

Buy credits to launch your custom AI chatbot in minutes and leverage those Trengo investments!

Whatโ€™s included

  • Unlimited chatbots
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Linked to Trengo knowledge center
  • Access to extensive chatbot library
  • Access chat history
  • No branding or ads
  • Best AI model GPT4-Turbo
  • 10,000 message credits

Start with 100 free credits!




No subscription! You only pay for what you use. The credits you buy never expire.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find an answer to your question, drop us a message.

  • We provide chatbots integrated with Trengo. Within minutes you can set up chatbots on any channel and linked with your Trengo widget.

  • A message is a single question answer pair. A typical chatbot conversation consumes a handful of credits.

  • A typical customer conversation will count for 8 to 10 credits. With 10,000 credits, you can handle around 1,000 customer conversations.

  • Yes, your data is completely safe. We employ rigorous security measures to ensure your customer's messages are safe during the chat. We are a Microsoft AI partner and deploy AI models within the Microsoft Azure EU datacenters.

  • Your chatbot will simply stop responding, and you will have to manually take over. Just as you were used to before ๐Ÿ˜…. You can always buy more credits.

  • GPT4-Turbo is a cutting-edge genAI model that allows your chatbot to understand and respond to user queries more accurately and naturally. It can handle complex conversations and provide solutions in real-time. With GPT4-Turbo enabled, expect an even higher level of accuracy and comprehension from your Airobi.Bot.

  • Yes of course! Airobi.Bot can still function without a knowledge center. However, having a knowledge center gives your chatbot the power to learn from much more information. If you don't have a knowledge center, you can still manually add information and questions/answers to your chatbot.

  • Your chatbot can access all the published articles from the Trengo help center. This allows the chatbot to provide more precise, detailed, and informative responses to customer queries. It essentially serves as a direct bridge between your knowledge base and your customers.

  • Absolutely, you can buy as many packages of credits as you like! You only pay for what you use. All the credits you buy never expire.

Boost your business, launch your AI chatbot

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